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Vidyard – The Power of Personalized Marketing Video

We all suffer from email overload sometimes, especially at certain times of the year. Email marketing is getting more and more competitive. On a daily basis, your prospects are dealing with internal messages, sales emails, communications from vendors, and who knows what else. When combined with the ins and outs of daily life at home and work, it’s amazing these decision-makers have time to read anything at all. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to make sure that your message catches their eye, even with everything else that’s going on.

Mentioning Video in Email Increases Open Rates
In order to stand out in a busy inbox, you need to attract your readers with more than just a witty subject line. We know that including video as a call to action in the body of an email increases click-to-open rates by 53 percent over emails without an obvious mention of video content. Did you also know that mentioning a video in the subject line increases open rates from 7 to 13 percent? That’s almost double!
Despite all of this chaos, Vidyard needed to make sure customers would actually read their email.

Marrying Video’s Appeal with Email’s Reach
Mentioning personalized video in an email subject line significantly increases click-thrus. While Vidyard took the opportunity to execute this campaign over the holidays, personalized video is the perfect gift for customers and prospects year-round. Personalized video is an unbeatable way to make a connection in a prospect’s inbox. Let’s face it, it can be tough to get prospects to open a message at the best of times. Mentioning a video gets prospects to open the email, but you get the best results when you have a truly awesome video at your disposal. We love the creativity of Vidyard’s campaign
Remember when mail merge was the greatest innovation to reduce the pain of customizing direct mail and email marketing? Imagine the freedom this would allow you by applying it to video. Engage with and nurture leads by injecting information they’ll identify with, such as their industry or job title. Generate buzz around upcoming events by targeting specific buyer segments. The applications are only limited by your creativity.

Personalization is a promise that many organizations make regardless of channel or type of content. But it takes significant effort to effectively put it into practice. While the video is an admittedly appealing type of media, it becomes transformational when you’re able to use it to speak to customers as individuals and make sifting through email marketing messages a delight instead of a time drain.

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