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Top 5 Reasons to Turn Animated Videos for Your Corporate Training Needs

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key and delivering the same message verbally during training sessions time and again is not only monotonous but leaves a large margin for error. How can you be sure that your training modules are delivered to the same standards each time and that they’re consistent? Better yet, how can you be sure that your message is being received the way it is intended? Consistency is also key with many aspects of video production and we appreciate its value in your line of work as well.
Converting your training sessions to video ensures that the tone, emphasis, and delivery are presented consistently to every member of your organization. This takes human error out of the equation and in turn, frees up the trainer’s time for other valuable tasks.

Time is Money

The beauty of video training is its accessibility; it can be consumed at the viewers’ leisure and not at one fixed time. That, coupled with the fact that people are more likely to spend time watching a video than reading a document or email makes video training a compelling solution.
If you think about time as the only non-renewable resource in business, it’s crucial that yours is spent wisely. How many days have you spent running from one meeting to another only to get back to your desk with no time left in the day to execute the action items tasked in your meetings? Conversely, when was the last time you felt adequately prepared for a days’ worth of meetings? Reducing your time spent in training sessions affects the bottom line of your company. It also gets you out of the boardroom and back at your desk, while reducing the need for resources like meeting rooms, scheduling tools, and more.
When you think about time as a form of currency, it forces you to assess how you’re spending it. Videos are an effective way to trim your time budget when it comes to training.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

…and sometimes it says the things that can’t be easily spoken or visually demonstrated. When conducting certain types of training that deal with matters of a sensitive nature (e.g., cultural sensitivity or equality in the workplace training) or safety regulations/requirements, animated videos often deliver the job more effectively than people. It’s much easier to convey a right vs wrong scenario or safe vs unsafe using animation and illustrations than with live-action videos, still photos, or verbally in person. These slides work well with the aforementioned choose-your-own-adventure style of training videos and are impactful when demonstrating a high-risk scenario.

Measure and Monitor

Many LMSs (Learning Management System) incorporate tools to measure and monitor your participants’ progress, completion rates, and more. Most also offer a solution to gauge the learners’ comprehension, such as quizzes or tests. The distribution of explainer videos via an LMS simplifies the training process and provides insights into how your content is being consumed. Regular evaluation of these metrics can help you make data-driven decisions to change or enhance parts of your training program.

Globally Speaking

Replacing your traditional training methods with explainer videos gives you the ability to cross borders and barriers more easily. This is especially valuable for global organizations that want to deliver the same standard of training company-wide. By utilizing universal iconography and generic characters in your videos, your message can be translated more easily worldwide.
The voiceovers in our videos can also be readily translated into any language, including region-specific dialects and accents. To date, we’ve worked with voiceover talent in 20 languages and have provided multiple versions of the same video in varying languages for many of our clients.
Animated videos are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to alleviate your pain points and elevate your corporate training.

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