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Things to Know About How To Use Gifographics

Question: if someone is reading your blog, how many facts and figures can you throw at them before their eyes start to glaze over?

Answer: Probably not very many.

Lists, charts, and graphs are easy for readers to skip. Infographics are a little better, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make them even more eye-catching? What if you could guide the reader from point to point effortlessly? Gifographics can do both of these things. We’ll look at how you can use them on your website and social media, but first…

What are Gifographics?

You might be scratching your head wondering: what are gifographics anyway? Gifographics are animated infographics formatted as GIFs. That means they take the motion of an animated GIF and the layout of an infographic to create an eye-catching and memorable visual. The resulting animation is packaged in a smallish file that you can embed into websites, emails, blogs, and other online content.

Gifographics = The Best of Both Worlds

By taking the strongest elements of two already strong graphic ingredients, your visuals can accomplish a lot more. Gifographics effectively combines the instructional and highly linkable format of an infographic with the animation of a GIF to build a visual that is the best of both worlds. Gifographic doesn’t challenge attention spans with large amounts of plain text.

Ultimately, the whole point of a gifographic is to convey information that you find to be valuable to the reader in the most effective way possible. Here are a few ways you can use gifographics.

  1. To describe a process

Sometimes animation is the best way to illustrate a process, but you still need a textual explanation to go along with it.

  1. To show change over time

Gifographics are also perfect for condensing information that would otherwise require multiple images or charts. They can show change over time, compare multiple data points at once, or provide essential context.

  1. To simplify complex information

Like any animation, gifographics can be as simple or as complex as you need to get your point across. There’s a ton of information here, and it’s a lot easier to follow thanks to the visual cues.

Where to use gifographics

You can use gifographics almost anywhere on the web. If you’re presenting the results of a survey, illustrating change over time, or explaining a process, consider how a gifographic might help. An animator can help you make a gifographic that achieves any or all of these goals. Then all you have to do is share them. Embed one on your website, post it on social media, or link it in an email.

At Promologik, we’re always happy to discuss video production projects with potential partners. Reach out to set up a conversation.

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