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Makeing HR Video for Recruitment, Training and Culture

.HR video can support recruitment, training, and company culture building. When carefully planned and well-designed, these videos can be something employees actually look forward to. Which would you rather do, read a dry handbook, or watch an engaging video? Most people would rather watch.
Your employees are no different. If you want them to understand and remember something, don’t just write it down, show them a video.

Why Your HR department needs video
Communicating with team members can be a challenge. You have the essential information they need, but getting them to listen isn’t always easy. Distributed teams and hybrid work models make things even more complicated.
Sure, you could send an email or hold a conference call and hope people will pay attention. But people tend to skim text-only emails and Zoom fatigue is real. An HR video can make your message engaging, interesting, and dare we say, even entertaining. That means employees will actually want to watch.
Creating videos for HR isn’t exactly a new idea. As far back as 2011, one survey found that 93% of internal communication professionals thought the video was essential.
Why are we focused on it, now? Because the structure of work is changing. More hybrid and remote work might mean less face-to-face time with employees. Video is one way your HR team can fill that gap.

What is HR Video Used For?
There’s a type of video to help you meet almost every human resource goal. These could include:
• recruiting and hiring
• onboarding and training
• evangelization and change management
• recognition and employee appreciation
Recruiting and Hiring
Many companies use video for recruiting and hiring. Recruitment videos need to accomplish a lot in a short time. They should give prospective employees a sense of what your company is about and why they might want to work there.
This video we made for the team does both.

Tips for Creating Your HR Video
Video is an investment. You don’t want to just jump in and see what happens. Before you make any HR videos, do these three things.
1. Set a Goal
Before you come up with clever characters or write one word of the script, you need to get clear on your goal. Ask yourself:
• What effect do we want this video to have?
• How do we want minds to change?
• How do we want the behavior to change?
Your goal for this video is just one piece of the puzzle. Think about how it fits into your internal communication strategy. Does it align with your company’s mission?

2. Choose Your Voice
We all know that brand voice is important in marketing communications. But your internal communications have a voice team. It could be the same or different from the one you use with customers.
Too often HR videos default to formal “corporate speak.” They leave employees bored and disconnected from the message. It’s okay to be playful, creative, or fun, like this whiteboard animation we made for Electronic Arts.

Plan For Distribution
Distributing your video might be the last thing on your mind right now. But planning for distribution sets you up for success. Think about when, where, and how employees will watch. Adjust length and tone to fit.
Also, keep in mind that your employees are used to watching videos on their phones. So if you want to make an HR video your employees will actually watch, make it mobile-friendly. That probably means making it vertical.

Start making your HR video
Relying on video templates and DIY video tools might seem like an inexpensive option, but it can cost you in the long run. Sure, you save on video editing and production. You might also miss the chance to really engage employees.
If they get used to seeing the same old format they tune out. A video without a story is unlikely to hold attention.
People identify with strong characters. A narrative arc holds their attention. And they remember complex concepts that are presented visually.
Finally, don’t be afraid to inject a little humor and creativity into your internal videos. Your employees will thank you.

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