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How to kick off alliance with an Animation Studio?

So you’d like to order your first animated video? Great, here’s what you should do.

To kick-start your animation project, you will need to write a good brief. Don’t assume that people on the other side will know what you have in mind.

Explain your product or service, write down the essentials of your brand and company, and present your target audience. That’s how the animation studio will know how to develop a video that matches your business objectives.

  1. Define your goal

Your brief needs to clearly state the video’s purpose. Let the animation studio know how you intend to use this video and what is your target audience.

  1. Tell something more about your target audience

The animation studio needs to have a full understanding of the audience on the receiving end of your project.

Animation producers could also use an example of your customer. Create your audience member’s profile that perfectly captures the essential characteristic of your target audience or its segments.

  1. Make your selling point clear

The core message of your animation project needs to clearly communicate its benefits for viewers. “What’s in it for me?” – that is the question your target will be asking. And the answer should land in your brief.

  1. What is your budget?

At this stage, you should have a budget allocated for your animation project. That gives the animation studio an idea about the scope of your video. Consult with a production partner that you trust to develop a realistic budget for your project.

  1. Video narration and style

Your brief should also point to the preferred narration and style of your video. This information will help the animation studio develop an accurate quote for your video.

  1. Provide examples of animations you like and dislike

It is a good idea to let the animation producers know about your competitors and their video marketing campaigns. Provide the studio with examples of videos you like or dislike.

  1. How will the video be distributed?

Your brief should also include information about the location of the video (website, email campaign, trade show etc.). The animation’s placement will determine its format. Different platforms have different length limits.

  1. Define the deadline

Finally, you should let the animation studio know what is the deadline for your project. That way, the team can develop a realistic project timeline that ensures the delivery of the product on time.

Remember that your brief is only the beginning of your animation project

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