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How Does Animated HR Video Work? Can Increase Your Profit!

If you think animated videos work only in marketing, you’re missing out on an amazing tool that could seriously boost the efficiency of HR communications at your company.

Marketers like animation because it’s an effective communication medium. But animated videos can be used by companies for internal and external non-marketing operations as well.

Animation in internal HR

HR departments can use animated videos for internal purposes, for example:

New initiatives or protocol changes

When an important aspect of company operation is changed, all employees need to be kept on the same page. The HR department can use animated videos to deliver this information in a clear, fast, and efficient way. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new regulations, benefits, requirements, or payroll grid, an animated video can help explain all these topics in a matter of minutes.

Onboarding instructions

Animated videos work great when onboarding new employees. An animated video delivers company operation rules in a simple and straightforward way while making the new employee feel welcome and excited.


Professional development is a critical component of an attractive workplace and HR departments can use animation while providing training to employees. HR animation ensures high engagement by breaking the monotony of typical training media such as PowerPoint.

External HR

Animation comes in handy for external communications as well, for instance in:

Employer branding films

Attracting talented candidates isn’t easy and employers often need to put a lot of effort into developing their brand. To attract talents, you have to stand out from the crowd. And that’s something you can achieve with animated videos that showcase your company culture and engage professionals looking for new opportunities.

Announcements about open positions

A short and fun animated video helps to advertise a vacancy, showing the specifics and key responsibilities of the job in an appealing and enjoyable way.

Recruitment company animation

Recruitment agencies can use explainer videos to present their processes and advantages to potential clients. That’s how companies that specialize in recruiting talents can build a stronger brand and engage their client base.

Why animation?

Audio-video communication remains the most efficient way of delivering information to people because it helps them to understand and memorize new data quickly.

Employees have no time to waste on reading a lengthy text where a brief video could do the job more efficiently. The short attention span isn’t a problem in the video – research shows that 65% of video-watchers view more than 3/4 of a video.

On average, we tend to read less and watch more. And we definitely like “moving pictures”.

recent report from Facebook revealed that people spend five times longer looking at videos than static content across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Watching a short explainer video that presents a procedure is easier than reading the same information written down in a formal directive. Video generates a lower cognitive load, allowing employees to focus on what matters, quickly learn new information and remember it in the future.

Last but not least

Animated videos employed for HR purposes help to solve the dilemma that arises when it comes to representing company employees


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