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Healthcare Videos for Training Goal

The healthcare industry relies on video. Healthcare organizations use it to build trust, recruit the right people, and educate patients and staff. The best healthcare videos do more than deliver information. They engage emotions and illustrate complex concepts.
From video marketing to healthcare explainer videos, many organizations are getting healthcare video production right. They’re using medical animation, live-action, and sometimes a combination of the two, to connect with patients and caregivers.

Healthcare Education with Video
Healthcare education and awareness promote good health. Video can teach patients to protect their health, recognize symptoms, or take care of family.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention worked with us on the whiteboard animation embedded below.
What makes this one of the best healthcare videos? The drawings are engaging and a few touches of color help highlight the most important points. The voiceover explains symptoms and prevention. Healthcare videos can also teach patients how to use medical devices and other tools to protect their health.

Best Healthcare Videos for Staff Training
If training is boring or confusing, healthcare workers won’t retain the information. The video uses several video tools to keep the viewer focused. The on-screen text helps to highlight important points while the presenter acts out the steps with a patient. The pacing, voiceover, and live-action footage all work together to hold attention and make the procedure clear.

Mission And Values
A beautiful series of videos from Mission health explores their mission from the point of view of real healthcare providers.
By allowing doctors and nurses to tell their stories, Mission Health creates an emotional bond with the viewer. While many mission statement videos feel the same, this series comes across as authentic.

Best Healthcare Videos on the Patient Journey
The best healthcare testimonials let patients tell their stories in their own words. The neutral setting with the slightly blurred background allows the viewer to focus on his story.
First-hand accounts from patients in their own words can be more compelling than speeches from healthcare providers
Patient Journey videos take a wider view. They give patients a preview of what they might experience throughout their patient journey. Viewers going through similar struggles can relate to these stories and feel reassured.

MOA Videos (Mechanism of Action Videos)
A mechanism of action (MOA) videos explain how a drug or device typically interacts with the human body. We dive deep into this topic in our guide to producing an MOA video.
Animation lets us envision processes that would be impossible to explore with live-action. A poetic line stays on the screen as a tagline and sticks in the viewer’s memory.

Broadcast Commercials
This Super Bowl Ad from Hologic used a famous face to encourage women to schedule health screenings. The star power of Mary J. Blige may be outside your casting budget, but the emotional tone of this ad isn’t.
Without actually saying the words, Hologic makes it clear that they know waiting for health results can be scary. If you don’t sigh with relief when you hear that everything looks good, you probably weren’t paying attention.

Best Healthcare Videos for Recruiting
Recruiting is tough right now. Effective recruiting videos give potential employees a glimpse inside the organization while sharing information about expectations and benefits.

The best healthcare videos start here
From educating patients to training staff and from marketing to recruitment, Healthcare organizations use video in all kinds of ways. Start building connections with your staff, patients, and community with help from Promologik.

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