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Four Things You Need To Know About Using Animated Storytelling

Storytelling becomes a part of our lives right in the beginning when as kids we listen to or read stories that are supposed to teach and entertain us.

Storytelling in marketing is about nothing else than telling stories as interesting as legends and fairy tales. Their chief aim is to present a charismatic but unobtrusive protagonist – your product or service – within the framework of an engaging plot.

1.  Distinguish yourself by using an animated story

The prime objective of all marketing communication is, and always will be, to attract customers. In order to do that you have to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. If not for storytelling, all we would have to offer clients would be a bunch of product facts, each of them sounding unoriginal and boring.

Instead of rehashing marketing techniques, you’ve been using for years, why not explore the new potential of animated stories? You can spice up your brand and make it unique, be it by incorporating into your strategy an explainer video, an animated brand video, or even an entire cartoon series related to your services.

2.  Move the audience

The power of storytelling lies in its ability to make the recipients of the story form emotional associations with the brand. Animated stories help establish the connection between the audience and what is advertised; by introducing colorful and engaging characters they give your product personality, making it relatable.

A well-designed story not only puts your product in your customer’s minds but also offers them an experience in which they are happy to participate. When planning your story, consider the emotions you want your viewers to feel after they have watched it.

3. Take control over your customers’ perception of your product

Animation specialists not only invent gripping plots, but they also present their stories in an aesthetically pleasing and original way. All the elements of an animated narrative, that is the characters, their adventures, their background stories, the setting, the outlined conflicts together with their resolutions, co-operate within the marketing fable to make the audience remember and like your product or the service you offer.

4.  Create an animated world for your brand

An animation is a perfect tool for creative advertising. It gives the video creators almost unlimited freedom. There are no boundaries as to who the characters are, how much movement is involved, or whether the environment is realistic or abstract.

Including animated storytelling in your marketing strategies will help you win potential customers over by offering them something that most of your competitors won’t – an exciting narrative experience.

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