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Animation Vs. Real Action Video

So, you’ve decided to make a video for your company. That’s a smart move!

Over 50% of marketing professionals all over the globe consider video as the type of content that brings the best ROI. And a smashing 85% of businesses report having in-house staff and resources dedicated to video production.

Video is a must in every marketing strategy today. But how do you decide which sort of video is best to convey your brand’s message?

Finding the Best Fit

To make the right choice, you will need to establish:

– the central goal of your video,

– the type of message you want to get across,

– who your audience is,

– where you will publish and how you will distribute the video.

Here are some practical tips to help you consider these options and conclude which video format will work best for your brand.


Why Use Animation?

Animated explainer videos are perfect if your organization has complex products or services that can be difficult to describe. If you’re trying to educate your audience about a technology service, an app, or similar products, the animation is your top pick. The concept you are explaining is intangible and animation will help you to visualize ideas in an easy, comprehensible, and appealing way.

Another benefit of an animated explainer is that it presents no boundaries when it comes to the things you can show. The only limit is your imagination. You can imagine how intricate it would be to develop a live-action movie where the protagonist can fly and casually transforms into a giant robotic bird with tentacles.

One more bonus of animated promotional video is that it’s relatively light on your budget. 41% of marketers consider lack of budget as one of the top three reasons why they hesitate to use video.

An animation is also a tool that helps brands to evoke desired emotions in their audience. It’s easy for example to make your viewers laugh because it is simply an entertaining format. But you can also use animation to tackle more serious topics.

An animated explainer will help your brand stand out because marketers are just beginning to use the format.

Real Action Video

Perks of Live Action Video

Real action videos are just perfect if you’d like to emphasize the human side of your business and help your target audience relate to your company. Showing your employees at work will humanize your business. Creating a video during a tradeshow or industry event will allow displaying your company’s culture and personality while presenting the event from your perspective.

The main benefit of live-action is its authenticity. That’s why it is the best video type for delivering serious messages. It’s much easier to create the right tone in a live-action video, especially if you’re responding to a PR issue.

Live-action video offers a convenient way to show how a product looks in reality. Use this video format if your product has special features that can’t be easily illustrated in animation.

Animation vs. Live-Action Video – Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the right video format is crucial for the success of your marketing campaign. You don’t want to spend time and money on producing a video that doesn’t resonate with your target audience or help you realize your goals.

Pick animation if you’d like to provide a company, product, or service overview. That kind of video will also work for product or how-to demonstrations.

Select real action video if you’d like to develop a personal relationship with your customers and followers and ensure that your message is relatable.

Remember that the right format for your video content marketing strategy should match:

– the message you would like to express,
– the target audience and their preferences,
– your business culture,
– brand identity and image,
– and the objectives of your video content.

Only then you’ll be able to make the most of the type of video content you create for your brand.


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