Promologik is a video production company specializing in explainer videos, marketing videos and demo videos.
We are passionate towards quality video production projects that challenges our skills and creativity.

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Video Editing

We take your hours long raw footage and convert it into highly engaging video clips. Each project is critically directed and storyboarded according to your requirements and theme. We make sure you tell your story through the videos to your target audience.

Use Cases

At Promologik, our professionally edited videos add a face to your brand. From corporate companies to small startups, filmmakers, instructors, individual, wedding videographers, YouTubers, Instagram Influencers, and even digital marketing agencies, we work with organizations and individuals in all four corners of the world.

Short Films | Webinars | Vlogs | Podcasts | Tutorials | Product videos | Interviews
Podcast Editing

Send us the raw footage, shot from your mobile camera or DSLR. We do the heavy lifting while you can sit back, relax on a couch, or tick-off other tasks on your list. Finally what you receive is a professional video that speaks volumes on your podcast topic, to people who matter the most to you and your brand.

Interviews | Audio mastering | Podcast Openers | Cinematic Walkthrough | Storytelling | Book to visualizations
Online Courses

If you’re an influencer, an online trainer, or a teacher, we can edit videos, write subtitles, add screens wherever required, and create professional videos for your upcoming online courses. Engage the students with visual videos and boost their learning power.

Use Cases

Attention span is melting faster than the arctic ice. 50% of people now prefer watching videos instead of scrolling through a prolonged article or ebook. Not making videos can eventually take a toll on your teaching and brand efforts.

Video Series | Documentary | Self Help Courses | Interactive Videos | Video surveys |
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