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How to Create Facebook Ads That Stop the Scroll


 The first job of an ad is to catch your audience’s attention. And if your ads are failing to do that, trust me, there is a lot of room for improvement. I’m going to share some scroll stopping techniques so that you can catch your audience’s attention and get them to move to the next step after they click your ad.

Did you know that the average person is scrolling the length of the Statue of Liberty on their phones every single day? Your role as an advertiser is to make your ads so enticing that it stops them from scrolling just long enough to intake your visuals and your copy, and hopefully make the decision to continue down your funnel. I’ll be breaking down my findings and sharing all the best techniques and at the very end, I’m going to share one type of ad that will probably surprise you and that you may have already dismissed previously that’s worth trying again.

Now we’re going to dive into some specific techniques, but before we do, I want you to understand that the way these platforms are designed is to encourage us to scroll and selectively engage, usually we’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling until we find something that captures our attention. How do we do that? How do we disrupt the newsfeed and get people to pay attention to our ads? Let’s start with my favourite advertising element of video.

So, when you have a video, I want you to consider adding quick movements to the beginning of that video. Even something as simple as adding a quick wave to the start of your video can cause your audience to pause and see what the heck are, they waving about? Or you might consider some fun filters to capture attention. You could also consider using typography as your way of capturing attention. We start the video with some words flying out of the screen so that it quickly captures your eye.

Another great example, when you’re using static imagery is giving people a lot to look at. So one of my favourite tools for this is incorporating collages. Collages allow your eye to move all across the image and kind of stay there for a few seconds and it usually has the effect of helping them to linger on the ad long enough to read the ad copy and hopefully be enticed enough to click over to your offer.

Another great element you can incorporate into your ads is GIFs and GIFs are amazing because it gives you all of the benefits of videos without having to create these long form videos or go into production mode. You can create a GIF very simply using any number of website tools but I personally love Giphy, simply upload a little clip of three to up to 15 seconds and turn it into a GIF very simply. The other great thing about GIFs is that people can complete them very quickly. So instead of sitting there and watching one of your longer length videos, usually people will watch the entire GIF and don’t forget, you can retarget everybody who’s seen your GIFs as video views so that’s very valuable in your retargeting process.

As promised, I have a final experiment for you and this is something that has shifted recently with Facebook. The dreaded 20% text rule appears to no longer be in effect. And so, you might experiment with ads that have a lot of text features in the imagery. You could even have an image that’s filled with text. I would just recommend making sure it’s super readable and that it feels native to the platform so go ahead and experiment with this and see what results happen in your ad account. Now stopping the scroll is a very important part of your ads, but it’s far from the only thing that you need in order to create a compelling ad that leads to a compelling offer.


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