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Facebook Ads Rejected? Here’s what to do

So, your Facebook ad was disapproved annoying?

Sometimes you don’t even know why it was disapproved or you don’t even know how to dispute it. In this article I’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting your ads re-approved and getting in contact with Facebook.

One key point with all of this is that Facebook is constantly changing and that includes how you dispute a disapproved ad. So, I’m going to give you several ways to connect and contact Facebook, and you will be able to choose one of these methods. Before you get started with your dispute you need to know a few key pieces of information.

The first thing you need to do is look for obvious reasons why your ad may have been disapproved. Start by looking at the ad area and clicking on “Edit” on your disapproved ad. Facebook will often tell you exactly why it’s disapproved in a general sense. But realize that sometimes that reason is wrong. For example, they may say that your ad has something to do with cryptocurrency and if that is completely wrong, you can quickly dispute that ad. If it’s not obviously wrong, then you may want to examine Facebook’s ad policies and terms a little bit deeper.

So, some of the big restrictions are things like drugs, gambling, firearms those are big no-nos. But beyond that, some of the other restrictions that come into play are around housing, credit, employment and politics. One of the biggest reason ads get disapproved is because of personal attributes. Facebook doesn’t like you to call out specific attributes of the viewer.

To use Facebook’s example, you can say meet Buddhist near you, but you can’t say meet other Buddhists because that assumes that you are a Buddhist. It can be a fine line to walk and a little bit challenging when it comes to wording.

Another option to get around this is to use things like testimonials or stories about some of your clients that allows you to describe the type of person that your product or service is a good fit for without specifically calling out personality traits.

So, if you did use personality traits incorrectly in your ad, what you’ll want to do is edit your ad and resubmit it. If you do need to dispute your ad, there are several ways you can do it lets dive in. The easiest way to request review is to go to the ad level of your campaign click Edit and then click on the Request Review button. If for some reason that isn’t available to you or you’ve already requested a review, then your next step is to go to Facebook Business Help.

You get to business help by going to and that will get you right there. Now, once you’re there the chat option may be available when you click Get Support. If it’s not, you will have to submit an email request. In either case you need a few pieces of information about your disputed ad.

  1. The business account ID for your business manager.
  2. The ad ID for the specific ad that has been disapproved.

Those two pieces of information will get you help faster. Beyond that what you need to tell Facebook is the reason why your ad was disapproved and the reason why you believe the ad complies with Facebook’s policies and terms. It’s a great idea to demonstrate to Facebook that you understand their terms and policies and can clearly articulate why your ad follows them.

So, once you have contacted Facebook through either a chat or the email support, you will be able to check on the progress of your request in your support inbox. To get to your support inbox the easiest way is to go to

If you don’t see the information in your support inbox, you may have follow-up in your Messenger. If you haven’t heard from Facebook in a couple of days, it does help to follow back up with them to find out where your case is at. Sometimes people ask if they should delete disapproved ads. And I haven’t found it to be a big problem but you may want to, to clean up your account. One of the other questions that comes up is about the marketing expert that you may have gotten a call or an email from. These people aren’t directly employed by Facebook, but they can sometimes help you with account level issues.

And finally, only Facebook can help with these issues. As much as we would love to, there’s nothing we can do. So, contact Facebook directly, don’t leave a comment about this below, but feel free to say something else instead.



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