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How to Expand Your Facebook Ads Targeting to New Audiences


As we all know targeting will make or break your Facebook ads. The quality of audiences that you develop will have a direct impact on your ROI. I’m going to share the three categories of audiences that you need to stay hyper-focused on.

There are three categories of audiences that you want to be developing in your own Ads Manager. We’re going to talk about warm audiences, lookalike audiences, and also a variety of cold audiences, and when you stick around to the end, I’m going to tell you the Audience Insights tool inside of your Facebook Ads Manager, so that way you’re going to find more audiences that are going to work for your ads.

The first category we’re going to talk about is your warm audiences. Well, we all know that warm audiences are going to be some of your best audiences, why? Because they already are familiar with or know your brand, and your company. So, it’s a good thing when you continue to show up in the newsfeed of your warm audiences, because the more you show up, it builds that trust and rapport.

Let’s talk about the best warm audiences. So, you’ve got your email list, your website traffic, your video views, your ad engagement, your Facebook page engagement, and do not forget about your Instagram page engagement as well. Those are some of your best warm audiences. If you’re brand new to business, then you’re going to cultivate those audiences over time, but many of you watching this will have enough volume on these audiences that you can start using them immediately, if you’re not already.

Now, when you have these audiences created in your Facebook Ads Manager, you can then start creating lookalikes of these audiences, and that is the second category of audiences that I want you to really be thinking about. Let’s say you give Facebook your purchase list, and you say, all right, Facebook, I want you to go and find more people who look like the people who’ve purchased from my company. So, Facebook’s going to go out, it’s going to find what is common among all those people, and it’s going to find more people that look like the people that behave like the people who’ve already purchased from you. So, I want you to be doing lookalikes of your purchase list, lookalikes of your email lists, of your website traffic, of your video views, of your ad engagement. You can do lookalikes of your Facebook page engagement, as well as your Instagram page engagement, and if you’re doing lead forms, you can do lookalikes of your lead forms too.

Now let me give you a little ninja hack on how you might get more leverage out of your lookalikes. Do a lookalike, let’s say of a purchase list, or an email list, and do 1%. Then do a lookalike that’s one to 3%. Do a lookalike that’s three to 5%. And do a lookalike that’s five to 7%, stack them all together into one ad set.

So, let me just tell you what I mean when I say combine all into one ad set. So inside of your ad set, you’re going to click Edit, come into your ad set, come down to your Custom Audiences, and simply start building your combination here.

Now, if you haven’t created those yet, simply click Create New, and build out your lookalikes. But when you combine them, you’re just going to go right here to your custom Audiences. I’m going to do purchases, 1%, and then we’re going to do purchases of one to 3%.

Next, we’re going to do purchases of three to 5%, and then you’re going to do purchases of five to 7%. Of course, then you can adjust the demographic data to match your ideal client if you need or want to, such as their age, gender, etc. But remember that these are lookalikes. So, Facebook’s going to be finding all of that common demographic data. So, you could just leave it like this, and see what happens.

Now, let’s talk about that third category of audiences, your cold audiences. Think about your competitors, and see if you can target them on Facebook. Also think about websites that your ideal audience might be going to, other personalities that they might be interested in, hobbies, brands, job titles that they might have, magazines that they might be reading, including trade publications, shows that they might be watching on TV, or even shows that they might be listening to via podcasts, and professional tools or equipment that they might be using, and before I talk about how to find more cold audiences, I want you to have a little bit of a mindset shift here. When you launch your audiences, most of them are not going to work out. I like to launch my audiences by the dozen, and I’m typically very happy if two or three of them work out. So, if you just have the mindset of really, you’re looking for the few that work for you, and you’re not going to be bothered by the ones that don’t work, you’re going to be much more successful with your ads.

Another way to develop new interests to target on Facebook and Instagram ads, is of course, to get out there, and talk to your customers and clients, see what they’re writing online in their reviews and testimonials, and you’re going to develop a lot more ideas for who you should be targeting on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, one of my favourite methodologies for doing this actually comes from Mike Stelzner’s Becoming Well-known course. So, if that’s something you’ve been considering, he has a great methodology for getting to know your customers and clients in a whole new way that’s very, very good.

The final tool that I want you to be utilizing to develop your cold audiences is your Audience Insights tool. So as promised, I’m going to take you right in and show you exactly how you can start leveraging this tool to find more cold audiences that might surprise you. Inside of your Ads Manager, you’re simply going to click on the little nine-dot icon, which is right under your little house icon Inside of this menu, you’re going to scroll down to where you see Analyze and Report and click on Audience Insights. So, when you get into Audience Insights, you can build out your demographics exactly to be what your ideal customer or client is. So where do they live, what’s their age, their gender, etc.

Now, let’s say that I have a little bread crumb from one of my cold audiences, and I see that Whole Foods is working really, really well for me. So, type in Whole Foods market, and see what comes up. Look at all of this amazing demographic detail that you get. So, first of all, you get the age, and gender, relationship status, education level. Look at this, even the job titles of people who like Whole Foods, which is pretty amazing. If I go up here to Page Likes, now I’m going to see categories and page likes, and this is where the magic comes in, because there’s so many additional cold audiences, many of which I might not have thought of that I can begin testing and targeting to see how they work for my ad account. So, if you click See All under Top Categories, you’re going to get all of these additional ideas, and then if you scroll down to the Page Likes, and clicks see more, you’re going to get even more ideas. So, don’t forget to use this tool to your advantage. Once you have audiences that are working for you, you’re probably going to want to be scaling your ads.




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