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Facebook Organic and Paid Reach Strategy for Local Businesses


If you really want to reach the most people and spread the word about your local business you should be running Facebook ads. Most business owners are focused primarily on their organic page content. Paid and organic content need to be working together in unison to provide the best possible return on investment. And I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that step by step in this article.

In a local community you really need to not only focus on generating leads and sales, you’ve got to build a relationship with these people that you’re going to be serving for a very long time. You need to integrate into their lives so that they not only know about you. They’d be willing to refer you and hopefully stick with you for life. That’s probably something that you already know but you may be wondering how you can actually use your organic content to achieve that.

I’m going to help you create that exact plan today.  I’m actually going to give you a list of specific organic post content types that you can use so that you no longer have to stress about what to post and if it will help your ad strategy at the end of this article. On Facebook business pages the reach if not promoted is extremely low, usually about 10% of your audience is going to be lucky to see one of your posts. Spending time creating something that no one sees isn’t really going to benefit you. What we need to do is create brand awareness. We need to educate our audience. We need to make sure they understand the role we play in the community and get them excited about what we do through that content that actually plays in directly to level one of the local business ad strategy. Level one is about creating a larger top of the funnel audience that will be receptive to your offers when they’re ultimately presented.

The first thing you want to do is identify how many posts per month do you intend on putting out there? Some businesses still feel like they need to post every single day but you don’t have to post every day. If we start to invest some money in these posts they’re going to be seen by a larger audience of people. And they’re also going to be seen by people more consistently really, it’s more about quality as opposed to quantity.

The next thing that you want to identify is how much money can I afford to designate to each one of these posts. I’m going to use 12 posts per month as an example. It’s a solid number and it gives you a good amount to test. It could be anywhere from 10 to $20. I think less than 10 it’s very difficult to run it for more than a day or two more than $20 is just not really necessary. Just come up with that consistent number you know every single post will have this much initially invested. You’re going to see your time and effort go a lot farther.

Now that we’ve got our number of posts, our dollar amount, we then need to think about what is it that we’re actually testing? Every business has a variety of products and services. You also have a lot of different people who have different opinions and things that they like. If you are not testing, you’re going to miss out on so many valuable insights that ultimately could cost your business millions. What you want to do is start to create content for a variety of avatars, a variety of image types or creative types, different styles of copy and start to push those out to your audience. Once you do that you are able to really see what are people responding to the most. If you never put it out there, you’re never going to know some of the greatest insights I’ve found have been from reposting something from Instagram accidentally and then I see that it gets an amazing response. And then ultimately you say hey, that phrasing was really engaging or that image or that style of image or that product or service was one that people are really interested in. You want to take those insights be aware of them and continue to do more of those things that are working not only in your posts but in your ads. So how do you identify success from these posts? Give them a benchmark. I would say $10 per post is totally fine for anything that is an engagement objective. That’s going to be everything outside of a blog or a video 8 cents or less cost per objective is what I would suggest. Take the lowest cost per engagement and keep working it down.

For video I would say a 5-cent cost per through play and also for a blog I would aim for 50 cents or less. Once you have that content that’s been put out there with the same dollar amount you can very easily evaluate which ones are the best, the ones that are the best you have a couple of different options. You can take that post ID and turn it into an ad in ads manager and run it consistently as a part of your level One campaigns. I’ve been able to get local business post 10,000 likes, 650 shares, hundreds and hundreds of comments. When you see a local business that has that type of engagement on a post, it makes people take notice because it is out of the ordinary. It’s going to draw attention and it’s really going to help you in a lot of different ways.

Now I’m going to give you a list of some different types of posts that you can use to start using the strategy effectively without spending too much time.

1.The first one would be a before and after. If that’s something applicable to your business, I highly recommend it. The next would be a this or that. If I’m a remodelling business, I could say which do you prefer this kitchen or that bathroom? It’s tying into what I do, but it’s giving people a reason to engage.

  1. Another could be a tip, give them a short sweet to the point tip that can really help them. You could highlight a customer’s story. You could highlight one of your products or services. You could do a review of something that you’ve tried related to your industry. And the list really goes on and on and on. I focus heavily on answering the questions you know your customers have. You can also remember to leverage any topics that have worked best in the past.
  2. Another one I would encourage you to focus on is price. That’s something most people don’t talk about, but it is important.


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