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4 tips for sharing video on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, the spray and pray method doesn’t work on social media. Publishing video content without a detailed plan behind it only leads to misery. You haven’t taken the time to make your video impressive for your audience. Why should they bother to watch it?

1. Optimise for mobile viewing

Think about how often you use your mobile phone to surf the internet. The chances are, it’s an activity that you complete daily. Your audience is the same!

In fact, 57% of all engagement on LinkedIn is via mobile. Long gone are the days of desktop browsing reigning supreme; we now need to ensure that our video marketing efforts pay off by optimizing content for mobile users.

You can do this by using the correct format – preferably a high-quality video that can be orientated to fit a small screen. The aspect ratio of your content can be 1:2.4 to 2.4:1, and the maximum file size for LinkedIn video content is 5GB… Although a file of this size may cause fast loading times, and frustrate people browsing on mobile.

Don’t forget to add subtitles for users who mute videos when watching in public, and preview your content on mobile before hitting the publish button.

2. Keep it short

Did you know that the attention span of a human is becoming increasingly similar to a goldfish? We’re too busy to invest time in the video when browsing social media, and the stats prove it: In 2017, the average length for a video was 3 minutes and 48 seconds… But only 10 seconds of that content was actually watched.

You can prevent people from bouncing off your LinkedIn video content by keeping it short, and to the point. Avoid babbling and discuss the topic instantly – preferably within the first six seconds to grab a browser’s attention.

When writing your video script, ensure that your first few sentences are strong, solid, and to the point. Once you’ve hooked them in, feel free to expand on your point. But remember, LinkedIn videos have a limit of 10 minutes in the Feed!

3. Link-back to your video elsewhere

Your goal with video marketing is to get as many eyes on your content, as possible. The “build it and they will come” method doesn’t always work, so you’ll need to promote your latest video release elsewhere on the platform.

You can increase the number of eyes on your LinkedIn video by linking to it elsewhere on the platform. Treat the video as island content: whenever you post something relevant to it, link back to the video.

Write a post (or even better, a transcript) of your video and publish it as an article using the Publisher tool. Embed the video content in your post, and drive traffic back to it using other social media platforms.

Yes, content is king… but promotion is queen!

4. Make it professional

Remember how we mentioned that LinkedIn is a platform built for professionals? Posting low-quality videos with bad editing won’t cater to that vibe!

In order to make your brand seem more professional on such a crucial social platform, consider hiring a video marketing expert to create your video content.

Outsourcing your video production gives your marketing project a solid basis. Experts will be able to build a lighting set-up that shows your business in the best light. And, with existing knowledge and specialties within the industry, they’ll know the sure-fire ways to get your message across – in the right way.

As you can see, there are promising benefits to using LinkedIn video marketing, and your business could be next to triumph.

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