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Integration App

Integration App

Integration can connect to hundreds of third-party apps and use universal integration building blocks that work across all of those connections. No matter what application you connect to, you can query data, transform it, put it in your app and the other way around, without having to deal with hundreds of different APIs.

Built by developers for developers, the platform integrates perfectly with your tools, infrastructure, and code. There are no black boxes.

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A short presentation video that showcases Integration as a better solution for 3 rd
party apps integration using universal API’s to save time and costs.

Focal Points
1.Problems with manual API integrations and costs involved with it.
2.What is INTEGRATION and how it leverages universal API’s and automations to
implement, customize and configure 3 rd party apps.
3.Key features of INTEGRATION that makes it unique and effective.
4.How INTEGRATION offers multi app connections and data managing.
5.Before and after potential for applications implemented by INTEGRATION




Integration App


June 29, 2017



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