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We are passionate towards quality video production projects that challenges our skills and creativity.

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Video Production Process

1. Scripting

The very first step after we discuss the possibilities for your project is to create a narration script that features all the USP’s and bullet points that would demonstrated in the video.

A Snippet

Narrator 1 (premise): Customers want your app to work with everything else they use, and that’s dozens or hundreds of integrations. They want to set up integrations right from your app, ideally in one click. Building native integrations is difficult, expensive, time consuming and every developer’s nightmare! 


Narrator 1 (Company placement): Some companies end up buying whole integration platforms, for tens of millions of dollars. What if you don’t have tens of millions of dollars? That’s where Integration App comes in.”

We use Slack (if available) to collaborate with your team for faster decision making and project updates.

2. Voiceover

A voiceover is then created with your preferred choice of narrator and accent. The voice is then processed for best effect and narration as per the video.

A Sample

We offer voiceovers in all languages and accents needed for your video. The video product cost is inclusive of voiceover.

3. Concept Art

This is the step where we brainstorm and design elements and characters to be used in the video. Our sketch artists would create concept arts for scenes, transitions and elements. 

Some Concept Arts

We do not use any copyrighted content in our videos without authority and all of our created assets are transferred to our clients at the time of delivery.

4. Storyboard

The storyboard lays out the foundation of video production and how every scene is going to play out. 

Changes related to theme, colors, elements, animation scope and transitions can be done on the storyboarding stage for faster finalization and turn around time.

5. Animation

This is where our animators put their creative minds to work and bring the storyboard to life. Visual effects, props, and call to actions are also added at this point. 

We use licensed Adobe Suite and it’s software for asset design and video production.

6. Post Production

Voice settings, color settings and integration settings are optimized at this point based on the targeted viewership, platform and use of the video

  1. Audio Balance

  2. Color Correction

  3. Export Settings

We offer video files in HD, FullHD, 2k, 4K in all formats (Mp4, Mov, AVI etc) as required.

7. Revisions

We take full responsibility for any changes if required even after the video is delivered. Our team makes sure you’re completely satisfied with your video.

We offer UNLIMITED revisions on the videos until you’re completely satisfied with the final result. We’re committed to provide quality that you expect and more. 

Turn Around Time: Video is delivered in approximately 14 days from the date of order. We also offer rush orders for faster delivery requirements. 

6. Embedding

A video has to be integrated on the website, landing pages or marketing channels. We cover that for you. 

Our team will assist you with putting the video on your website or where required without needing to hire any external web development help. 

We also create on demand landing pages for your product/service featuring a video and CTA if required.

Final Explainer Video

The final video is delivered to you in your preferred video format and we also provide website and social media integration for all our videos.

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